About Us


    Hollies Baptist Church is a small conservative Southern Baptist Church dating back to 1790.  Our original building was  “the Pungoteague Meeting House”.  But, in 1792 a half acre of land was deeded to the Trustees by Mary Fox and the central building was built soon after.  The structure is among the oldest wooden buildings in the region with hand hewn trusses and  floor joists.

      Judge Benjamin T. Gunther in 1890 gave a speech recalling the church’s appearance in his boyhood in the 1830’s.  He remembered his father taking him to “old Holly’s meeting-house, with its high boxed pulpit, more like a prisoner’s box than a place for God’s servants to deliver His message to the people, with its unceiled walls, the rays of the sunlight beaming through the cracks and knotholes in the weather-boarding; with its seats not more than eight inches wide and no support to the back; heated by an old ten-plate stove, with the light of the wood-fire shining through its badly connected joints.”   

     It has come a long way since then!  You will find our Santuary building to be historic yet comfortable.  Two additional buildings flank it with a Ministry Center on one side and the Administrative/Children’s Building on the other.  We are proud of our facilities that provide a variety of services to the community.

     You will find our congregation warm and welcoming.  We believe that the Bible is the absolutely true inspired Word of God.  Our facilities are well maintained with wonderful areas for children.   We’ve had quite a history, but what a great future we have to look forward to!

     We are looking for a new Pastor at this time.  Dr. Mark Custalow is assisting us for the next several months and is acting as our Interim Pastor.  Mark is a Native Virginian and a member of the Mattaponi Indian Tribe. He has been a church planter, local church pastor, and a missionary with the North American Mission Board, the Montana Southern Baptist Convention, and now the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia. Life Verse: “Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.” Psalm 86:11.  Mark will be serving as our Transitional Interim Pastor through the months of September and October to assist us with finding the man the Lord wants to lead Hollies.


Hollies Baptist Church, 17691 Hollies Church Road,  P.O. Box 7, Keller, Virginia 23401 

(757) 787-4655 – hbcchurch1790@gmail.com