Ministry on Wheels!

Remember The “Showers of Blessings Rally” with Neal Hatfield?


Remember how we “Plowed, Weeded, And Fertilized the Field”?

Well, Here’s What Sprouted! 

Logan Hallock (Neal’s Son-in-Law) is Director of a wonderful Christian Ministry called “1Champion”.  He is a former quarterback and receiver for Appalachian State University and his “1Mission” is creating Christian Young Men in America! 

Follow this link to learn more!

HBC Members voted to donate our unused work trailer to fill one of their needs! 

It will become an Sports Equipment Trailer making it possible to travel efficiently to the camps they hold in stadiums across the country.

A New Ministry for our Old Wheels ~ Good Job HBC Family! 


Hollies Baptist Church, 17691 Hollies Church Road,  P.O. Box 7, Keller, Virginia 23401 

(757) 787-4655 –