Our Covid-19 Policy

Info and Announcements:

     Sunday services are on-going with Adult Sunday School at 9:45am and Worship Service at 11am.  Here are the guidelines we have established for a safe ministry time together.  Please re-read them and follow them.  Thank you!

  1. We are required to have no more than 1/2 of our seating capacity filled at our services; this is not a problem for us.
  2. We are to still practice social distancing so we ask you to spread out throughout our sanctuary.  Do not sit directly behind or in front of someone and try to abide by this 6 foot guideline.
  3. Wearing a mask is recommended.  No one should enter the church without a mask in their possession that can be used as needed such as when you can’t social distance.
  4. We will not pass the offering plates, they will remain on the front table.  Please place your tithes and offerings in the plates before or after the service.
  5. We have Sunday School Classes with the opening at 9:45am.  Both Adult and Children’s Sunday School classes are available.
  6. We will not have Wednesday evening Bible Study & Prayer Meeting, or Children and Youth Ministry until at least March 2021.
  7. We will not have Pot Luck Suppers until things improve.  This will help us avoid passing things between people.
  8. If you bring children to the worship service they must be under your control at all times.  They may not understand social distancing and must not be permitted to roam the church.
  9. If you do not feel well, please stay home until you are feeling better.
  10. If you do not feel comfortable coming out just yet, stay home.  God is not sitting in the heavens judging your church attendance during this time and neither are we.


Hollies Baptist Church, 17691 Hollies Church Road,  P.O. Box 7, Keller, Virginia 23401 

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