Pastor Search

      Hollies Baptist Church is seeking the man God would have as:  Pastor, Part-time or Bi-vocational Pastor, or Transitional/ Interim Pastor to help the church to be true to its Mission Statement to Impact the World with the Truth and Love of Jesus Christ.

     Hollies accepts as “Articles of Faith” the Baptist Faith & Message adopted on June 14, 2000 and would expect anyone applying for the Pastoral position to do the same.

     We have approximately 55 members, with a Worship attendance of 20-30, Sunday School 15-20 and also Wednesday Prayer Meeting/Bible Study and Kids Meeting and hope to resume the Good News Club on Thursdays beginning with the 2021-22 school year.

     The church budget is $63,000 and the salary for this pastoral position is $20,000.  There is no church parsonage.  We place no restrictions on this position as far as age, years of experience, degrees, etc., seeking only the man God wants as Pastor at Hollies.

Resumes, DVD’s or Links to Online Sermons may be sent to the Pastor Search Team at:

Hollies Baptist Church, 17691 Hollies Church Road,  P.O. Box 7, Keller, Virginia 23401 

(757) 787-4655 – email us at